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Courses at the University of Iowa

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Upcoming Courses

Selected Past Courses

Other Lectures

Parotid Technique: Stones and Strictures AAO HNS San Diego 09 17 2016

Salivary Swelling SOHN Otorhinolaryngology Update April 16 2016

LSU Sialendoscopy Course 2016 April 9 and 10 Hoffman Presentations

UCSF Otolaryngology Update 2015 Nov 4 to 7 including Sialendoscopy

Grand Rounds Mary Greeley Medical Center 'Common Voice Disorders' August 10, 2015

Utahotolaryngology Update 21st Lectures (Hoffman) June 19-20, 2015

Sialendoscopy Course 2015 April 16 - 17 Midwest Head and Neck Cancer Consortium Columbia Missouri

Sialendoscopy Course LSU New Orleans Lectures (Hoffman) March 21-22, 2015

Wisconsin Society of Otolaryngology Meeting WSO Elkhart Lake Wisconsin October 18 19 2014 Lectures

Cutting Edge Reinke's Space Approaches (13th Biennial Phonosurgery Symposium, Madison Wisconsin July 11 2014)

              password protected: Laryngeal Needle Localization with Transillumination 

              not password protected: Reinke's Space Approaches

50 Uses for Botulinum Toxin in the Head and Neck SOHN (Society of Head and Neck Nursing May 3 2014)

Sialendoscopy Course LSU New Orleans Lectures (Hoffman) Feb 1-2, 2014

Georgia Regents University Augusta Grand Rounds Nov 5 2013  (Laryngology Update)

Salivary Gland Anatomic Anomalies and Foreign Bodies Lecture AHNS April 9 2013

Fixed Intermediate Sized Salivary Stones Lecture AHNS Salivary Endoscopy Course April 9 2013

October 21 2011 Charleston South Carolina Head and Neck Oncology Lectureship

Kansas City Oto-Opth Society Meeting Jan 7-8 2011 Lecture

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Seminar May 5 2011 

Tracheoesophageal Fistula for Voice After Laryngectomy

23rd Annual Otorhinologaryngology Update SOHN April 14 2018 'Laryngology Updates'

A is for Airway October 5 2018 Iowa Association of Nurse Anesthetists (IANA) Meeting

Lecture at Medical College of Wisconsin Sept 23, 2011 
Head and Neck Cancer Symposium| |