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Esophagoscopy with narrow band imaging (NBI) for Reflux Esophagitis

last modified on: Tue, 09/15/2020 - 08:18

Click on image to enlarge and advance with cursor over border  Irregular GE junction defined best with NBI (narrow band imaging)

Esophagoscopy with narrow band imaging (NBI) for Reflux Esophagitis

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Initial evaluation of GE junction via flexible fiberoptic esophagosocpy showed irregularity that was markedly enhanced with NBI (narrow band imaging) to improve evaluation and directed biopsy.
Pathology report (edited): Gastroesophageal junction, biopsy: Squamocolumnar junctional mucosa with changes consistent with reflux. No Barrett's metaplasia identified.

The Los Angeles (LA) classification system is in common use to grade reflux esophagitis (Nguyen 2019)

  LA Classification System (Lundell 1999)
 Grade Description

Mucosal breaks (one or more) ≤ 5 mm length - not extending between the tops of 2 mucosal folds

B Mucosals breaks >5 mm long - not extending between the tops of two mucosal folds
C Mucosal breaks continuous between the tops of 2 or more mucosal folds, involving less than 75% of the circumference
D Mucosal breaks involving 75% or more of the esophageal circumference




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