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Frey's Syndrome - Starch Iodine Test Botulinum Toxin Treatment

last modified on: Tue, 09/12/2023 - 11:54

see also: Botox Injection for Freys Syndrome; Parotidectomy with Facial Nerve Dissection

Minor's starch iodine test

The ipsilateral face is painted with iodine and allowed to dry. Starch powder is dusted onto the face. The patient is given a sialogogue (lemon slice, lemon juice, crackers, or any materials that cause the gustatory sweating in an individual patient). Dark blue staining reveals the area of gustatory sweating. Sequential photographs should be taken at short time intervals and recorded to document areas of sweating.

Procedure: Intradermal injection of Botox (60 units) to the right cheek skin for Frey's syndrome

Preop Diagnosis: Frey's syndrome

Postop Diagnosis: Same

Anesthesia: None

Description of Procedure: Following identification the patient informed consent and a brief timeout using images from the starch iodine test done earlier today correlating with a drying on the blackboard and in the chart Botox at 2.5 units per 0.1 cc was instilled in 6 different "lines" extending from the right temple hair bearing area down to the angle of the jaw in the appropriately delineated region. 6 different instillations of 0.4 cc yielded a total of 60 units (10 units per line). She tolerated the procedure well.