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Heliox setup for the difficult airway

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Heliox has a lower density than air or oxygen regardless of the concentration of helium in the mixture. It improves airflow through constricted passages. Disadvantages include expense, special equipment and training.

It has been reported that for heliox administration to be effective, the helium concentration "must ideally be > 60%, and gas flows must meet or exceed the inspiratory flow demands of the patient so that heliox concentration is not diluted with room air" (Morgan et al 2014).

Research has focused on pediatric populations with both upper (eg croup) and lower (eg asthma) airway obstruction with the focus on case series.


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Randomized clinical trials have studied Heliox in asthma or COPD exacerbations (McGarvey and Pollack 2008).

Useful combinations of heliox have been reported to include 80:20 ratio (80% helium: 20% oxygen)- (Milner et al 1997; Khanlou and Eiger 2001) as well as 60:40 or 70:40 (60-70% helium: 30-40% oxygen) (Kass and Castriotta 1995; Gluck et al 1990))