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Iowa Head and Neck Protocols Awards

last modified on: Tue, 10/25/2022 - 14:30

Iowa Head and Neck Protocols Awards (IPRC - Iowa Protocols Review Committee)

see: Medical Student Resident Page for Otolaryngology

recent sites leading to most recent awards:

Temporal Bone Anatomy (Cadaveric Dissection)

Facial Nerve Decompression for Bell's Palsy (Middle Fossa Approach)

2020-2021 Resident Editors: Joe Peterson MD R-5; Blake Sullivan MD R-5

2010 Ipad1 awarded

2011 Ipad2 awarded

2012 Ipad3 awarded

Andy Heaford Largest number of edits

Hank Diggelmann Largest number of edits

Aaron Fletcher Largest number of edits

Grace Nimmons Most innovative

Sissy Potash Most Visited Site

Sobia Khaja Most useful site for medical students

Rich Gurgel Best protocol

Rob Schleiffarth Most Useful Site for Medical Students

David Gallegos Assistance with Facial Plastics Site


2013 Ipad mini awarded

2014 Ipad mini awarded 

 2015 Award (cash)

Jose Gurrola II Largest number of edits

 Gabe de la Garza Best Protocols  Josh Tokita Largest number of edits

Kristen Hurst Best Protocols

 Alden Eliot Shearer Most Visited Site  Tyler "JT" Bertroche Best New Protocols

Danielle Hoyne Best Art Work

 Nate Schularick Largest number of edits  Zach Robinette Best for Medical Student Education

2016 Award (cash)

2017 Award (cash)

2018 Award (cash)

2019 Award (cash)

Kate Ostedgaard Best Edits

Zaid Al-Qurayshi Best Edits

Mckay Moline Best Edits

Xiaoyang Hua Best Edits

Nicholas Andresen Best Edits


Joseph Peterson Best Edits

Vivian Zhu Best Edits

Adam Vesole Best Edits




2022Award (cash)

Christopher (Blake) Sullivan

Hae Sun Kim

Brady Anderson

Adam Schwalje

Dhruv Khotari

John Henrich

Heba Isaac


Zach Fleishhacker

Kathryn Marcus


Sameer Alvi