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Juvenile Recurrent Parotitis Sialogram

last modified on: Fri, 11/10/2023 - 16:03

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19 yo man with parotid swelling beginning at age 13 occurring twice per year until recently on either the left or right side (never bilaterally) with exacerbation during the 3-4 days of the swelling with meals but not disturbed by meals otherwise. One treatment included oral steroids, otherwise treated with antibiotics for all other episodes with resolution in 3-4 days. More recently went 2-3 years without swelling unitl left parotid patin and swelling occurred 2 months before the sialogram shown. The most recent left parotid swelling resolved after 3-4 days again with use of antibiotics.

Sialogram findings: 
Adequate opacification of the left parotid duct and branches is achieved. There is scattered punctate dilation of the parotid acini. No filling defect, obstruction, stricture, sialectasis, fistula, or extravasation is identified. Post void film shows a small amount of residual contrast within the parotid acini.

IMPRESSION: Dilated left parotid acini consistent with chronic sialadenitis. No stricture or filling defect.


Tucci FM, Roma R, Bianchi A, and De Vincentiis GC: Juvenile recurrent parotitis: Diagnostic and therapeutic effectiveness of sialography. Retrospective study on 110 children.   International Journal of Pediatric otorhinolaryngology  124(2019) 179-184