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Lip Biopsy of Minor Salivary Gland Histopathology for Sjogren's Syndrome (sjogren / sjogrens)

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Lip Biopsy of Minor Salivary Gland Histopathology for Sjogren's Syndrome (sjogren / sjogrens)

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Lip biopsy for minor salivary gland (biopsy for Sjogren's syndrome)

Oral cavity, labial mucosa, biopsy:
       Lymphocytic sialadenitis with a positive focus score (2.25) consistent with Sjogren's syndrome.

Sections show at least six lobules of minor salivary gland tissue that has a nodular lymphocytic infiltrate with 2.25 clusters of more than 50 lymphocytes per 4mm2 of tissue (Focus score = 2.25).
A focus score >= 1 (as seen in this case) can be used to support the diagnosis of Sjogren syndrome in the appropriate clinical context.

As per Kroese et al (Kroese 2018): "A focus is defined as an aggregate of ≥50 lymphocytes and the focus score (FS) is the total number of foci per 4mm2 salivary gland tissue" - with additional comment that "Not all pSS (primary Sjogren's syndrome) patientshave a positive salivary gland biopsy" - reporting in 18 - 40% of cases the focus score is <1.0 - emphasizing the importance of the clinical diagnosis over a single study such as lip biopsy. They identify a false positive inhealthy individuals with a focus scopre >1.0 in 6-9% with labial gland biopsy and 5% with parotid biopsy. Reporting from Fisher et al (Fisher 2017)

Kroese identify that the minimum number of minor salivary glands for analysis si suggested to be 4 (six if small) and should be surgically separated - with the minim surface area of gland resection to be 8 mm2

Vivino et al. in 2002 reported that a second expert evaluation of 58 labial salivary glands re-analysed by a single centre led to revision of the initial diagnosis in 53% of the patients (Vivino 2002)



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