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Lipoma Radiology

last modified on: Tue, 02/20/2024 - 08:46

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  • Benign soft tissue tumors (Priya et al. 2020)
  • In the head and neck region, most common locations are cheek and tongue (Priya et al. 2020)
  • Composed of mature adipose cells without cellular atypia (Priya et al. 2020)
  • Clinical presentation: stable or slow growing mass, usually < 5 cm in diameter, superficially located (Barisella et al. 2020)
  • Increased size can lead to aerodigestive problems (Priya et al. 2020)
  • CT: smooth mass between -23 and -140 Hounsfield units, may appear lobulated (Barisella et al. 2020)
  • MRI: T1: hyperintense lesion; T2: reduction in intensity; fat saturation sequences: signal void (Barisella et al. 2020)


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