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Lower Eyelid Lift (Lateral Tarsal Strip) Case Example

last modified on: Tue, 04/03/2018 - 13:35

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Lower Lid Tightening Procedure

See: Lower Lid Tightening (Lower Lid Tarsal Strip)

Case examples provided by Dr. Douglas Henstrom, Director of University of Iowa Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Facial Nerve Center, Department of Otolaryngology
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Lower Lid Tightening Procedure

Lateral Incision
Removing inferior lid gray line
Seperating anterior and posterior lamellae
Tarsal Plate
Anterior and Posterior lamellae
Removing superior lid gray line
Denuding conjuctiva from tarsal plate
Double armed suture through tarsal plate
Suture through edge of upper lid gray line
Suture through edge of lower lid gray line
Suspending lower lid to periosteum
Expected ift of lower eyelid
Reestablishing lateral canthal angle
Completed Procedure


Preop Looking Straight
Preop Closing Eyes
Preop Looking Up
Postop Looking Straight
Postop Closing Eyes
Postop Looking Up