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Microendoscopy of Reinke's Space (MERS) Pig Model

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see also transillumination for placement of Arytenoid Repositioning Device (ARD): Arytenoid Repositioning Device Video (2011 Experiment) and ARD- Arytenoid Repositioning Device

On Jan 22, 2010 (6 weeks prior to the March 5, 2010 MERS procedure) the left vocal cord was scarred at its midportion. During the MERS on March 5, 2010 extragel was infused into Reinke's space after dissecting the scarred region employing MERS. 

Note that the sialendoscope pictured above did not provide as clear an image as a specially adapted microendoscope (Medtronics) in an air media as demonstrated below during the experiment placing extragel into Reinke's space.

Video of the appearance of the pig vocal cord via conventional transoral microendoscopy undergoing MERS:

Video of the same pig vocal cord (inside Reinke's space) via microendoscope in Reinke's space: