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Palatal Lifts

last modified on: Mon, 04/01/2024 - 09:40

Note: last updated before 2013


  1. A palatal lift prosthesis (PLP) displaces the functionally impaired velum superiorly and posteriorly. The prosthesis is indicated for the improvement of velopharyngeal function for patients exhibiting hypernasality secondary to velopharyngeal incompetence and should be considered an option for patients who do not desire or qualify for a surgical solution. Additionally, a PLP may diminish or eliminate nasopharyngeal regurgitation of solids and liquids during deglutition.
  2. An intact dentition is an absolute necessity for the retention of a PLP in that the forces placed upon the velum are sufficient to dislodge a PLP supported by a removable complete denture base. A possible exception to this requirement exists when several endosseous dental implants can be placed in the maxillary alveolar bone.
  3. A preprosthetic speech pathology consultation often proves instructive for the development of a PLP.
    1. Preprosthetic video nasoendoscopy can provide insight into the directional and volumetric demands of the velar extension.