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Pleomorphic Adenoma Radiology

last modified on: Fri, 04/19/2024 - 09:58

Pleomorphic Adenoma / Benign Mixed Tumor

updated by Piper Wenzel, BS April 2024

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  • Benign, slow-growing, heterogenous tumor made up of epithelial, myoepithelial, and stromal components (Hernandez-Prera 2021, Kalwaniya 2023)
  • Most common salivary gland neoplasm (Hernandez-Prera 2021)
  • Most common in 4th through 6th decades of life, 60% in females (Kalwaniya 2023)
  • Typically presents as a "painless, slow-growing firm or hard mass, which progressively enlarges" (Chalard 2022)
  • Treatment involves facial-nerve-sparing parotidectomy to reduce recurrence risk (Chalard 2022)
  • Malignant transformation to carcinoma ex-pleomorphic adenoma can occur if incompletely excised (Kalwaniya 2023)
    • Signs of malignant transformation may include rapid growth of known pleomorphic adenoma, or new pain, facial nerve paralysis, skin ulceration/fixation, or lymphadenopathy (Kalwaniya 2023)
  • Small pleomorphic adenomas can be homogeneously enhancing and well-circumscribed (Kalwaniya 2023)
  • Large tumors may be heterogeneous due to necrosis, hemorrhage, or cysts (Chalard 2022, Kalwaniya 2023)
  • Tumors involving the deep lobe (less common than superficial) may push into the parapharyngeal space medially (Kalwaniya 2023)
  • Ultrasound imaging shows a hypoechoic texture with "well-defined border with lobules, either with or without posterior acoustic enhancement" (Kalwaniya 2023)


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