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Polyps Nodules Cysts

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  1. Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyp (Hemorrhagic Vocal Fold Polyp)
  2. Vocal Fold Polyps (polypoid corditis) case example of surgical treatment 
  3. Recurrent Vocal Fold Polyp In-Clinic Treatment


  1. Case Example Vocal Fold Nodule Surgery
  2. Vocal Nodules (vocal fold nodules, vocal cord nodules, singer's nodes)


  1. Case Example Vocal Fold Cyst Surgery


  1. Voice Evaluation (see Voice Clinic)


  1. as per Suspension Microlaryngoscopy (see Suspension Microlaryngoscopy)


  1. as per Suspension Microlaryngoscopy (see Suspension Microlaryngoscopy)


  1. Case example: In-Clinic Surgery (Topical Anesthesia)

  2. Case example (below): Operative Treatment (General Anesthesia)

View with 0 degree telescope

View through microscope with instrumentation

Final intraoperative result

Vocal fold cyst

Before excision (click to enlarge):


 Videos of surgical exision VC Cyst 2009:







View after resection of cyst:


Vocal Nodules (vocal fold nodules, vocal cord nodules, singer's nodes)

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