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Prep and Drape - Radial Forearm and Pectoralis Major Free Flap

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Our standard practice is to mark patients in pre-op the holding area prior to any medication administration.


We routinely use two arm boards side by side and gel pads for additional padding.



This patient underwent delayed reconstruction, with primary resection the week prior.


Securing the drapes with staples versus sutures is per attending surgeon preference.


Split drapes used at the head are trimmed to an appropriate length.

  1. Standard prep, 10% provodone iodine
  2. Drape
    1. Prepare the head and neck separately from the arm
    2. Prepare the operative arm to include the axilla and place towels to separate from head incision
    3. Head drape
    4. Towels around face, neck, and chest
    5. Impervious drape under the arm on a "hand table"
    6. Split sheet