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Relevant Anatomy for Sialendoscopy April 16 2015 Columbia Missouri

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Relevant Anatomy of Salivary Glands (Relevant to Sialendoscopy)

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Sialendoscopy Course LSU New Orleans Lectures (Hoffman) Feb 1-2, 2014

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               Sialograms and Sialography

               Parotid (right or left) sialendoscopy room setup

               Sialendoscopy Room Set Up for Submandibular Glands

               Submandibular Stone and Bartholin's duct

               Plunging Ranula Transoral Resection (Sublingual Gland) Aided With Sialendoscopy with Histopathology;

               Salivary Swelling; Sialendoscopy

               Submandibular Stone and Bartholin's duct     

               Parotid Duct Anatomy Case Example Resection of Recurrent Accessory Lobe Pleomorphic Adenoma Transoral

               Case Example Parotidectomy with sacrifice of buccal branch

               Anatomy of submandibular gland and duct

               Submandibular stone difficult access with sialendoscopy treated with sialadenectomy 

                Parotid Accessory Lobe Sialadenitis - Open Resection Supplemented with Sialendoscopy