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Rib Resection Tray, Adult

last modified on: Mon, 05/15/2017 - 07:31


Rib Resection Tray, Adult

1 Langenbeck Periosteal Elevator, 19.0 cm and Blunt 19.0 cm

1 Coryllos Doyen Rib Raspatory, 23.4 cm Left and Right

1 Alexander Periosteotome, Standard, 20.9 cm

1 Stille Double Action Bone Rongeur, Curved, 22.8 cm, Jaw 10 mm

1 Stille Rib Shears, 24.7 cm

1 Alexander Rongeur Double Action, 31.6 cm

1 Coryllos Bethune Rib Shears, Adult, (Rib Cutter) 35.4 cm Left and Right