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Submandibular gland stone removal sialendoscopy case example

last modified on: Mon, 06/19/2017 - 13:39

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Submandibular gland stone removal   sialendoscopy  case example

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Case History: 41 yo female with right submandibular gland swelling occuring several times per week, usually with dinner, lastering for an hour followed by resolution.
Imaging: CT scan = 3 mm calicified calculus (Sialolithiasis) in upper margin of right submandibular gland with the gland otherwise unremarkable
Sialendosocpy of right SMG done under general anesthesia

I. First Video

canulation of duct with 0.018 inch guide
dilation of duct orifice
following guide with 1.6 (o.d.) Zenk sialendoscopy (video begins)
laser fragmentation of stone (holmium laser on
basket removal of stone

II. Second Video

removal of multiple other fragments (basket and forceps)
view of cleared hilum

III. Still Photos of Procedure showing stone removed