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Sulcus Vocalis response to Radiesse voice gel injection - case example

last modified on: Thu, 02/22/2024 - 11:53

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Follow-up 2 1/2 months after a mid-December 2012, by way of microdirect laryngoscopy and injection laryngoplasty for a sulcus vocalis with Radiesse voice gel. Series of images from the surgery below identify expansion of the injected left vocal fold in all areas except for where it was tethered to the underlying vocal ligament.

10 days after surgery vocal improvement was noted, which the patient identified as 'markedly improved' as identified those around her, her students and in particular when she leaves voice messages on answering machines. This improvement is further supported out by our comparative assessment through the Voice Clinic of her preoperative voicing to that today showing improvement from a moderate degree of dysphonia (G2R1B1A1S2) to only a mild degree as a G1R1B0A0S0 with a self-rated negative impact now down to "2" on her vocal problem in her life. Her jitter and shimmer are near normal and her pitch range of 25 point is in the normal range.

Microdirect Laryngoscopy for Sulcus Vocalis with Radiesse Voice Gel injection to left vocal fold

010 sulc  012 sulc  014 sulc  016 sulcus

018  020 sulcus  022 sulcus  024 sulcus

026 sulcus  028 sulcus  030 sulcus  032 sulcus