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Tracheotomy, Tracheostomy & Modifications

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UCSF Otolaryngology Update 2015 Nov 4 to 7 including Sialendoscopy Hoffman Presentations

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General Access to Tracheotomy Protocols

Tracheotomy - Tracheostomy

Emergency Tracheotomy Kit

Emergency Tracheotomy Tray Emergency Tracheotomy Set

Tracheotomy (standard procedure) Template

Tracheotomy template

Pediatric tracheotomy

Pediatric Tracheotomy

Trach tube with suction above cuff

Tracheotomy tube with suction port above cuff Portex Blue Line Ultra Suctionaid BLUS

Morbidly Obese Tracheostomy

Tracheotomy with laryngeal suspension

Tracheotomy (epithelial lined tracheostomy) with laryngeal suspension for ankylosing spondylitis

Mediastinal Tracheostomy

Tracheotomy and QOL

Montgomery Canula Tracheotomy


Montgomery Cannula Canula insertion in clinic

Tracheal tug

Tracheal Tug after Tracheotomy

Tracheocutaneous Fistula Closure

Tracheo-cutaneous fistula closure


Difficult airway case examples

Slide 05c Common Voice Disorders Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis

Indications for and timing of tracheostomy

Tracheostomy Indications and Timing

Obturating open tracheostome

Passy Muir Valve and Provox XtraBase baseplate