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Tracheotomy tube with suction port above cuff Portex Blue Line Ultra Suctionaid BLUS

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Tracheotomy tube with suction port above cuff Portex Blue Line Ultra Suctionaid (BLUS)

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Tracheotomy - Tracheostomy

Video describing tracheotomy use is located below

Other 'suction-above-the-cuff" tracheotomy tubes are also available ("Blom tracheotomy tube with disposable suction-above-the-cuff inner cannula' (Rabach et al 2015)

blus portex setup  IMG_9138  IMG_9139  IMG_9141

IMG_9142  IMG_9143


As per Ledgerwood et al (2013): "'decreasing the load of oropharygneal secretions that enter the airway or the bacterial colonization of the airway effectively reduces the incidence of nosocomial pneumonia"


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