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UCSF Sialendoscopy Nov 4 2015 Complex Cases

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Parotid Sialendoscopy Surgery

Parotid (right or left) sialendoscopy room setup

Combined Open approaches to the Parotid:

Combined Open and Endoscopic Removal of Parotid Stone (sialendoscopy case example)

Complication from open (transfacial) approach to parotid stone removal

Parotid stone and polyp removal through open approach

Parotid Accessory Lobe Sialadenitis - Open Resection Supplemented with Sialendoscopy

Parotid stone removed through open facial approach

Endoscopic approaches to the Parotid:

Laser tip fracture parotid sialendoscopy

Pneumatic Lithotripsy

Submandibular Sialendoscopy Surgery

Sialendoscopy Room Set Up for Submandibular Glands

Endoscopic approaches to the Submandibular Duct and Gland:

Salivary Duct Introducer Set for Stone Removal

Combined Open approaches to the Submandibular Duct and Gland

Sialodochoplasty complex with duct scarring