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UIHC Hearing Loss Clinic

last modified on: Fri, 03/29/2024 - 10:11


  • The clinic is run at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics by Dr. Richard Smith and takes place every Monday.
  • The purpose of the clinic is to provide consolidated directed care for adults and children with hearing loss. 


For every new patient a comprehensive history and physical exam must be performed. History and physical documentation should at least include the following:

  • Accurate ethnicity: can be important for interpretation of genetic testing
  • Description of hearing loss: onset of hearing loss, laterality, symmetry, nature of hearing loss (progressive/fluctuating/stable), type of hearing loss (sensorineural, conductive, mixed)
  • Any delays in motor milestones
  • Presence or absence of vision, cardiac, balance, thyroid or kidney concerns
  • Family history: A pedigree should be performed when relevant. Information on how to construct a pedigree are available from the Iowa Institute of Human Genetics here. In addition to including hearing loss, presence of Type 1 diabetes, developmental delays, kidney, vision, balance and congenital cardiac disorders should be documented where applicable.
  • Any imaging results