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University of Iowa Otolaryngology Medical Student Research Scholar Fellowship

see also: meet the 2023-4 University of Iowa Otolaryngology Medical Student Research Scholar

Now Considering Applications for 2025-2026

DESCRIPTION: A one-year  program (beginning during June or on July 1) focused on research and publication (both peer-reviewed publication and on-line website production) is designed for 3rd year medical students as an interim before their 4th year targeted for those interested in a career in Otolaryngology. Close interaction with faculty in the Otolaryngology Dept. will include the core group of faculty: Drs H Hoffman (overall mentor), B Andrews, and M Hoffman. The goal is to both educate the Research Scholar Medical Student and provide them with tools to direct them to a career as an investigator and leader in the field.

The structure broadly describes the program to maximize exposure to the field of Otolaryngology with anticipated productivity during the year.

ELIGIBILITY: Medical students may apply for the Research Scholar Fellowship after completion of the preclinical curriculum and the first set of core clerkships, and prior to graduation from medical school. Selected Fellows typically start their research year in June or July and return to their clerkships 12 months later. Students must be in good academic standing in order to be eligible.

SUPPORT: The Otolaryngology Medical Student Research Scholar Fellowship provides an annual stipend of $30,000. During the fellowship year, for those students who are registered with the College of Medicine maintain health insurance, a cost paid by the Fellowship award. Special individual assessment regarding health insurance will occur for medical students from outside institutions. The Research Scholar Fellowship also provides funds to attend a national scientific meeting directly related to the research project.

APPLICATION: Medical students interested in the Otolaryngology Medical Student Research Scholar Fellowship should submit the following by email to Dr. Henry T Hoffman (

  • Current CV
  • Current CCOM transcript
  • Personal statement

The current deadline for all application material is March 1 2025. The personal statement should highlight any prior research experience, state the motivation for performing a year-long research fellowship and indicate how a research fellowship may influence future career goals. The goal of the program is to provide a 12 month research fellowship to motivated students. All applicants are interviewed by the selection committee.

Students interested in applying or learning more about the Otolaryngology Research Scholar Position are welcome to contact Dr. Henry (Harry) Hoffman MD at 319-356-2166 or