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Vagal Schwannoma- Rads

last modified on: Sat, 12/02/2017 - 10:33

Vagal Schwannoma

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  •  Also called carotid space schwannoma, neuroma, or neurilemmoma
  •  Benign tumor of the CN X Schawnn cells in the carotid space
  •  Look for fusiform carotid space mass without flow voids on MR, can occur anywhere from skull base to aortic arch
  •  Usually found to be 2-8 cm in diameter, well-circumscribed
  •  Displaces structures based on size and location
    •  Nasopharyngeal schwannoma displaces ICA anteromedially, parapharyngeal space anteriorly, styloid process anteriolaterally, and digastic laterally
    •  Oropharyngeal schwannoma displaces parapharyngeal fat anteriorly
    •  Infrahypoid masses displace thyroid and trachea to contralateral side, common carotid anteromedially, and posterior cervical space posterolaterally
  •  On CT: Muscle density mass on non-contrast, uniformly enhancing and well-circumscribed mas with contrast
  •  On MR: variable signal with no flow voids on T1, hyperintense with possible cystic structures on T2, dense and uniform enhancement of T1 post-contrast
  •  Seen in ages from 18-63 averaging 45 years of age with a male predominance 

 T1-weighted MR


T2-weighted MR