Anil Chauhan, PhD

Internal Medicine

Office: 3188 ML
Office Phone: 319-335-6525

Lab: 3160 ML

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Vascular inflammatory diseases: stroke and atherosclerosis

Research in laboratory is focused on the role of adhesion molecules in vascular diseases associated with thrombosis and inflammation. By using state-of-the-art technique, intravital imaging, we study the role of adhesion molecules in regulating blood cell-endothelial (platelet and leukocyte) interaction followed by stimulation/ injury in vivo. In addition, research projects uses molecular and cellular techniques, combined with genetically modified mice to investigate the role of novel molecules in the pathophysiology of acute ischemic stroke and atherosclerosis. Using murine models, we hope to understand the pathophysiology of human vascular inflammatory diseases that may lead to development of novel therapies, thus improving human health. Current research project includes: 1) Role of ADAMTS13-VWF axis in acute ischemic stroke and atherosclerosis. 2) Mechanistic role of fibronectin alternative splicing in early and advanced atherosclerosis.

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Internal Medicine
Molecular Medicine