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Hanna Stevens, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Office: 1330 PBDB
Office Phone: 319-353-4200

Lab: 1310 PBDB

Lab Website: https://stevens.lab.uiowa.edu/

My research program in model system developmental neuroscience is primarily focused on understanding embryonic cellular and molecular processes that influence later brain function, with application to childhood psychiatric disorders including autism and ADHD.

We are focused on understanding mechanisms of prenatal stress on brain development and behavioral change. This is a project with multiple dimensions, from genetic and dietary manipulations of specific cellular mechanisms (e.g. oxidative stress, telomerase activity) during embryonic and postnatal development, to examination of varied maternal physiology (e.g. inflammation, preeclampsia), to assessment of neural and behavioral changes in offspring. Given the links of prenatal stress to psychiatric problems of children and adults, we seek to identify mechanisms that could be targeted for the prevention of disease.

We are also focused on understanding mechanisms by which autism risk genes affect the brain, targeting changes in mitochondrial function as one major factor that may be a common pathway in autism neurobiology.

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