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Kamal Rahmouni, PhD

Neuroscience and Pharmacology

Office: 2-248 BSB
Office Phone: 319-353-5256

Lab: 2-200 BSB

Lab Website: https://medicine.uiowa.edu/pharmacology/profile/kamal-rahmouni

Molecular and cellular determinants of metabolic and cardiovascular regulation in health and disease

The overall goal of my research is to understand the neurobiology of metabolism, energy homeostasis and cardiovascular function and related disorders such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension. This goal includes: 1) the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms and neuroanatomical pathways in the central nervous system that control energy homeostasis and autonomic cardiovascular function, and 2) the identification of the factors and molecular events that lead to energy imbalance and cardiovascular diseases. Using basic cellular mechanisms, genetic models and sophisticated physiological techniques, my lab have made major contributions to understanding the mechanisms of metabolic alterations, hypertension, and subsequent target-organ damage. Specifically, we have: 1) delineated the molecular and neural pathways that control metabolism, sympathetic nervous system and arterial pressure; 2) played a critical role in the discovery of the pathophysiological mechanisms of obesity-associated hypertension and 3) dissected the mechanisms involved in the metabolic and cardiovascular disorders associated with a human obesity syndrome.

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Department/Program Affiliations:
Internal Medicine
Molecular Medicine
Neuroscience and Pharmacology