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Paul McCray, Jr., MD


Office: 6320 PBDB
Office Phone: 319-335-6844

Lab: 6320 PBDB

Lab Website: https://www.healthcare.uiowa.edu/labs/mccray/index.html

Our research interests include airway epithelial cell biology, the pathogenesis and treatment of the cystic fibrosis lung disease, and the applications of gene therapy for inherited diseases.

Our research interests include airway epithelial cell biology and the pathogenesis and treatment of the recessive disease cystic fibrosis. We are using large scale gene expression and genomics approaches to study epithelial cell mRNA and microRNA gene networks regulating biologic processes involved in health and disease. Host-pathogen interactions at the airway surface are studied from the perspectives of disease mechanism and innate immunity. Responses to bacterial and viral respiratory pathogens are under investigation. We wish to apply knowledge from these studies toward new therapies.

Another area of investigation is the development of integrating vector systems for the treatment of inherited diseases. Current projects include gene transfer to airway epithelia for cystic fibrosis and gene transfer to the hepatocytes for the treatment of hemophilia A. The focus of these studies is on the development and optimization of lentivirus and transposon based vectors. A long-term goal is to develop strategies for integrating vector systems that could be successfully used to treat genetic diseases.

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Department/Program Affiliations:
Human Toxicology
Internal Medicine
Microbiology and Immunology
Molecular Medicine