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Prabhat Goswami, PhD

Radiation Oncology

Office: 4210 MERF
Office Phone: 319-384-4666

Lab: 4216 MERF

Lab Website: https://medicine.uiowa.edu/radiationoncology/profile/prabhat-goswami

Intracellular Redox environment and the Mammalian Cell Cycle

Dr. Goswami's laboratory is pursuing mechanistic understanding of the role intracellular redox-state plays in regulating the mammalian cell cycle, and the establishment of a link between reactive oxygen species (ROS)-signaling and other aspects of intracellular signaling networks.

Research efforts are focused in understanding the possible role of mitochondrial generated ROS-signaling pathways regulating (a) chronological lifespan of normal fibroblasts; and (b) the effect of chronological lifespan of fibroblasts on cancer cell proliferation. Molecular methods and small molecular weight antioxidants are used to study antioxidants and cell cycle gene expression regulating chronological lifespan and cancer cell proliferation.

Additional research efforts include studying the (a) role of ROS-signaling in polychlorinated biphenyl (environmental pollutant) induced perturbation in cellular proliferation and cytotoxicity; and (b) molecular mechanisms regulating late ROS-accumulation, and cellular response to ionizing radiation.

The knowledge gained from these research projects may provide novel insights into the redox-regulation of the mammalian cell cycle both in physiological as well as pathological states. This knowledge may allow us to develop antioxidant-based preventive and therapy protocols to promote healthy-aging and delay the onset of age-associated proliferative diseases.

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Department/Program Affiliations:
Free Radical and Radiation Biology
Human Toxicology
Molecular Medicine
Radiation Oncology