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Steven Lentz, MD, PhD

Internal Medicine

Office: C21 GH
Office Phone: 319-356-4048

Lab: 3160 ML

Lab Website: https://www.healthcare.uiowa.edu/labs/lentz/

Vascular cell biology and regulation of hemostasis

Dr. Lentz’s laboratory utilizes molecular and cellular techniques, along with transgenic and gene targeted animals, to investigate the mechanisms of regulation of hemostasis and thrombosis by vascular cells such as endothelium, vascular muscle, and platelets. The long-term goals of the laboratory are to define the molecular and cellular interactions that regulate vascular function at the interface between hemostasis and the response to vascular injury. Current areas of investigation in the Lentz Lab include: 1) Vascular function in hyperhomocysteinemia and atherosclerosis; 2) the functional role of the thrombomodulin/protein C anticoagulant pathway; 3) Protein methionine oxidation in thrombosis and stroke; 4) Mechanisms of thrombosis in obesity. This work has had a significant impact on our understanding of the biology of vascular function and thrombotic mechanisms, with relevance to human disease. In recent years, we also have become involved in translational and clinical investigation in hemostasis and thrombosis.

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Department/Program Affiliations:
Internal Medicine
Molecular Medicine