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Congratulations to Lucy Evans (Bassuk lab, Pediatrics) who successfully defended her thesis, entitled "Mechanistic insights into the inflammatory pathogenesis of visual disturbances after traumatic brain injury".
Cheers to Jordan Kohlmeyer (Molecular Medicine student in Dr. Dawn Quelle's lab)! She was selected by faculty, staff, and students as the top presentation in the Cellular Pathways section of the 2020 HCCC “Virtual” Research Retreat.
Congratulations to Molecular Medicine PhD student Drew Voigt ( Robert Mullins lab) on his approved fellowship grant funding with the National Eye Institute! Drew’s fellowship is being funded by the F30 - Ruth L. Kirschstein Individual Predoctoral NRSA for MD/PhD and other Dual Degree Fellowships...
This is a multi-PI R01 with an investigator in ophthalmology and in radiation oncology and engineering to study mice and patients after radiation therapy. One big issue after radiation therapy is that capillaries and other very small blood vessels get damaged and disappear over time. In this grant...
Congratulations to Ying Hsu who successfully defended her thesis, entitled "Photoreceptor Function And Age-dependent Rescue Efficacy Of Retinal Degeneration in Bardet-Biedl Syndrome"
Bradley Hamilton, Molecular Medicine PhD student in Dr. Joseph Zabner's lab, will defend his thesis today! Congrats Bradley!
Lucy Evans , Molecular Medicine PhD student in Dr. Alexander Bassuk's lab, was recently awarded an NIH grant for her research entitled, "Dissection and manipulation of inflammatory pathways underlying post-traumatic visual outcomes". Congrats Lucy on receiving this grant!
Paulette started at the University of Iowa (Department of Biochemistry) in August of 1982 where she worked until 1989. She then moved to a position with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute here on campus from 1989-1997 with John Donelson. Since 1997 Paulette has provided administrative services to...
Sarah Sapouckey successfully defended her thesis today. Her title: The Renin-Angiotensin System in Metabolism and Development . Pictured Sarah Sapouckey (left) and Justin Grob (right).