Past Students

Name Dissertation Current Position Program Start Defense
Brian Krueger Regulated Release of P-TEFb from the 7SK snRNP Technical Director, LabCorp July 2005 November 30, 2009
Samantha Krysa Francisella tularensis infection uncovers a link between neutrophil metabolism and apoptosis August 2017 June 10, 2022
Emily Kuhn (Parnell) The Role of Genomic Insulators in Transcriptional Regulation Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Utah August 1997 November 11, 2002
David Kusner MS without thesis August 2013 November 10, 2015
Koon Yee (Arielle) Lam (Wolf) Transactivation and nuclear localization of SYS-1/β-catenin, a regulator of Wnt target gene expression and asymmetric cell division August 2011 April 5, 2019
Maureen Lamb Defining the functions of the actin bundling protein Fascin in invasive, collective cell migration August 2015 November 18, 2020
Thomas Lanigan Control of Calcitonin/CGRP Gene Transcription and Thyroid C Cell Differeniation Research Investigator, University of Michigan August 1992 November 10, 1997
Colten Lankford Function and regulation of the photoreceptor hyperpolarization-gated channel HCN1 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Scripps Research Institute August 2015 October 22, 2021
Natalie Leach Cancer vs Herpes: The Final Chapter In Nuclear Lamina Disruption Assistant Professor, Montgomery College August 2005 August 12, 2010
Nam Lee Fluorescence Characterization of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Structure and Function Assistant Professor and Investigator, Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute, Ohio State University January 2000 May 27, 2005
Stella Lee The Functional Role of Ybp1 in Yap1-mediated Oxidative Stress Resistance Graduate Student, John Hopkins University School of Medicine August 2006 June 10, 2009
Jie Liang Analysis of Cis-acting Sequences and Trans-acting Factors Regulating the Rat Prolactin Gene Transcription Research Associate, Genetec August 1989 August 14, 1995
Matthew Long Manipulation of the Innate Immune Response and Evasion of Macrophage Host Defense Mechanisms by <i>Francilla tularensis</i> Assistant Professor, The Ohio State Unviersity August 2007 April 11, 2014
Josue Lopez Identification and validation of small molecule inhibitors for the Tiam1/SDC1 interaction August 2011 March 12, 2014
Joshua Madsen Negative Regulation of HIV-1 Alternative Splicing is Necessary for Efficient Virus Protection Instructor, Kirkwood Community College August 2000 February 24, 2006
Wadie Mahauad Fernandez Role of Bone Marrow Stromal Antigen 2 (BST-2) in Viral Pathogenesis and Breast Cancer Progression Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Stanford University August 2012 March 30, 2016
Jessica Maiers The Role of Alpha-Catenin and ZO-1 in Coupling Tight Junctions to Adherens Junctions Assistant Professor of Medicine, Indiana University July 2008 November 26, 2013
Jennifer Marden Dysregulation of NADPH Oxidase in Human Disease Senior Research Associate, New York University School of Medicine, Skirball Institute August 2000 April 19, 2007
Rebecca Marquez The Role of microRNAs During Liver Regeneration and Hepatitis C Viral Infection Assistant Research Professor, University of Kansas July 2005 September 21, 2009
Laura Marquez Loza Advancements in lentiviral gene therapy for cystic fibrosis August 2017 May 19, 2021
Bianca Mason Sites of CGRP Action in Migraine-like Photophobia Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas August 2012 October 23, 2017
Natalie Melrose Sphingosine Kinase 1 in Macrophages: Translocation to the Phagosome and Role in Phagosome Maturation Resident, Oregon Health Sciences Center August 2004 September 28, 2007
Emma Mohr GB virus C: cellular interactions, HIV inhibition and natural history Medical House Staff, Emory University August 2007 January 18, 2011
Viviane Muniz Role of Parf, a Novel Partner of ARF, in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma and in AFR Signaling Postdoctoral Associate, University of Iowa August 2007 November 8, 2012
Eain Murphy Molecular Interactions and Functions of Human Cytomegalovirus IE86 Protein Assistant Staff, The Lerner Research Institute at the Cleveland Clinic August 1993 April 7, 2000
Kenjiro Muta The role of neuronal mTOR signaling in the regulation of physiological processes Senior Fellow Trainee, University of Washington August 2008 April 21, 2014
Elke Nelson Activators of Vinculin Enhance Cell Adhesion and Sensitize Melanomas to Chemotherapy Manager, ECRI Institute August 2006 April 26, 2011
Emily Nguyen The role of mitochondrial CaMKII in regulating mitochondrial function of vascular smooth muscle and neointimal formation Resident, University of Iowa August 2013 March 29, 2018
Kyle Nilson Regulation of Pol II Transcription and mRNA Capping Postdoctoral Scholar, Penn State University July 2010 April 12, 2016
Barbara Nowakowski Analysis of the Role of Steroid Receptors, Tissue-Specific Factors and Protein Kinases in the Regulation of Prolactin Gene Transcription Research Associate, Invitrogen Corporation August 1990 August 29, 1996
Valerie Odero-Marah Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Maspin's Biological Activity Assistant Professor, Clark Atlanta University August 1998 July 7, 2003
Paul Ogg Regulation of Programmed Cell Death by Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 Teaching Associate Professor, Colorado School of Mines January 1998 October 20, 2004
Egon Ozer Paraoxonase is a Mammalian Host Modulator of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Quorum Sensing and Biofilm Formation Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University October 2002 April 26, 2005
Ki Youb Park Transcriptional Regulation of Calcitonin Gene-Regulated Peptide Teacher, Korea Science Academy (KSA) of KAIST May 2005 November 25, 2008
Katherine Perschbacher Reduced Placental Expression of Regulator of G Protein Signaling-2 (RGS2) in Preeclampsia: Association, Consequence, and Cause Research Scientist III, Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. August 2014 November 15, 2018
Dustin Petrik The Multiple Functions of the Human Cytomegalovirus IE86 Regulatory Protein Senior Research Scientist, MatMa Corp August 2001 February 15, 2007
Belinda Pinto Understanding the Role of LEM Domain Proteins in Drosophila Development Postdoctoral Associate, University of Florida August 2003 August 26, 2009
Sofiya Pisarenka Studying complement regulation in a C3 Glomerulopathy-specific microenvironment August 2017 April 5, 2023
Trenton Place A Novel Role for Prolyl-Hydroxylase 3 Gene Silencing in Epithelial to Mesenchymal-Like Transition Medical Student, Midwestern University August 2009 April 23, 2013
Cody Poe August 2019
Paul Ranum Treating the Cell: Advancing Gene Therapy for Hearing Loss Postdoctoral Associate, University of Iowa August 2013 October 27, 2017
Jeffrey Recchia-Rife Chromatin Modifications in Normal and Tumorigenic T Cells (MS Degree) August 2010 April 17, 2012
Kenneth Richardson Calcium-Dependent Signaling in Cardiac Hypertrophy: Dissection of a Pathway Medical Provider, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center August 1999 January 29, 2004
Roman Rodionov Role of Asymmetric Dimethylarginine in Hyperhomocysteinemia-Induced Vasular Dysfunction Specialist, Technical University of Dresden August 2001 November 26, 2007
Alice Rodriguez Muscle Induction by the Tropomyosin 3' Untranslated Region: Sequence Specific Binding to Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Research Associate, Duke University August 1995 August 15, 2002
Sarah Sapouckey The Renin-Angiotensin System in Metabolism and Development Postdoctoral Associate, University of Iowa August 2016 November 15, 2019
Jeanine Schibler Targeting unique oxidative metabolism of clonogenic multiple myeloma cells for therapy Product Support Engineer, BioRad Laboratories August 2011 June 3, 2016
Brandon Schickling Molecular Regulation of NADPH Oxidase 4 in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Postdoctoral Associate, Duke University June 2015 April 17, 2018
Mark Schultz Cell Biological Defects in Juvenile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis Research investigator, University of Michigan Health System June 2008 November 15, 2013
Alok Shah Structural Maintenance And Chemosensory Function Of Human Airway Motile Cilia Senior Research Professional, University of Chicago August 2004 April 22, 2009