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Courses Offered by the Molecular Medicine Program

For a complete list of required and elective courses, see the Molecular Medicine Program student guidelines PDF icon Molecular Medicine Student Handbook 2020-21_UPDATED_2021-3-10.pdf
Course number Course title Semester offered Semester hours
MMED:5270 Pathogenesis of Major Human Diseases Spring 3 sh
MMED:6215 Transcription RNA  Spring / Module #1 1 sh
MMED:6220 Mechanisms of Cellular Organization  Fall 3 sh
PCOL:6225 Growth Factor Receptor Signaling  Spring / Module #1 1 sh
MMED:6226 Cell Cycle Control  Spring / Module #2 1 sh
MMED:6227 Cell Fate Decisions  Spring / Module #3 1 sh
MMED:6230 Pathogenesis of Metabolic/Cardiovascular Disorders Fall 3 sh
MMED:6260 Methods for Molecular/Translational Medicine Spring 1 sh
MMED:6280 Critical Thinking in Molecular Medicine Fall/Spring 1 sh
MMED:7290 Seminars in Molecular Medicine Fall/Spring 1 sh
MMED:7310 Translational Medicine Education Rounds Fall/Spring 1 sh
MMED:8115 Molecular Physiology Fall 4 sh