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Maureen Lamb

Mentor: Tina Tootle, Ph.D.
Lab Room: 1-500 BSB
Lab Phone: 319-335-7713

Defining the regulation and function of nuclear Fascin

While Fascin has a well-established role in bundling and stabilizing actin filaments within the cytoskeleton, recent work has shown that Fascin also localizes to the nucleus and nuclear periphery. Using Drosophila oogenesis as a model, we found that prostaglandin (PG) signaling regulates Fascin, in both its canonical functions in the cytoplasm and its new roles at the nuclear periphery and in the nucleus. PGs are lipid-signaling molecules that are synthesized from arachidonic acid (AA) by cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes (Drosophila Pxt). Loss of Fascin or reduced nuclear Fascin levels due to the loss of Pxt causes aberrant nucleolar structure, and likely function, during Drosophila oogenesis. However, the mechanism of nuclear Fascin localization or its influences on nucleolar function has yet to be determined. The focus of my research will be:

1. Investigating PG regulated phosphorylation of Fasc

in 2. Defining the nuclear import/ export mechanism of Fasci

3. Determining Fascin’s influence on nucleolar function and nuclear organization

Honors and Awards

  • Graduate College Summer Fellowship, 2018
  • Graduate College Summer Fellowship, 2020
  • Tung-Yang Wing Award for Superior Achievement in Anatomy Graduate Education, 2021