Financial Services

The Financial Services staff is committed to providing quality service to faculty, staff and students in the areas of financial aid/debt management advising, financial account management, OSAC human resource management, and OSAC budgetary oversight. The Financial Services staff is committed to excellence in service and education and strives to:

  • Provide financial services to educate and advise students on issues that promote fiduciary responsibility in their decision-making, debt management and loan repayment.
  • Maintain adequate financial resources and support for students throughout their academic careers.
  • Act with integrity, compassion and confidentiality in dealing with students and their families or with other university staff in accordance with the core values of the University of Iowa.
  • Be responsive to the needs of students and keep abreast of legislative changes to provide accurate information to students.
  • Be responsible stewards of budgets, facilities, equipment purchases, and in the hiring and appointment process for new personnel.
  • Maintain strong ties with internal and external constituencies to assist the College of Medicine in maintaining and enhancing the quality of our medical education.
  • Maintain, enhance and support the diversity mission of the College of Medicine in the management of student aid programs.
  • Promote responsive and fiscally sound behavior in staff and students.