Admission to Medical School (MD)


The Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine seeks qualified students who exemplify the interests, commitment to serve, and intellectual and conceptual skills that our college instills in all its faculty, staff, and students. The Admissions Committee values each individual’s unique experiences, strengths, and background.

Mission Statement

The Carver College of Medicine has three inextricably linked missions: education, research, and service. The college aspires to be responsive to the needs of society through the excellence of its educational programs in the health professions and biomedical sciences, by the outstanding quality of its research, and through the provision of innovative and comprehensive health care and other services.

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Upcoming Events

University of Iowa Science, Health & Sustainability Career Fair, Tuesday, October 8, 2024, 4-6PM, Iowa Memorial Union, Iowa City, Iowa

New Horizons Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed around the three I's: Innovation, Integration, and Individualization. We have designed the curriculum to be unique and more hands-on for students. Explore the Carver College of Medicine’s New Horizons MD Curriculum further.

Distinction Tracks

Our distinction tracks allow students to pursue their interests within the classroom, while the various attractions around Iowa City allow them to foster their outside interests as well. We offer the following six tracks:

Airplane, Credit to GraphBerry from flaticon.comGlobal Health

Delivery, Credit to Freepik from flaticon.comHealthcare Delivery Science and Management

Writing, Credit to Freepik from flaticon.comHumanities

Microscope, Credit to Freepik from flaticon.comResearch

Helping hand, Credit to Zlatko Najdenovski from flaticon.comService

Teaching, Credit to OCHA from flaticon.comTeaching

What makes Carver College of Medicine unique

New Horizons Curriculum

Curriculum focused on the student and hands-on experiences

Distinction Tracks

Tailoring an education to who you are

Iowa Health Care

Diverse opportunities in specialties and locations

Learning Communities

Creating a collaborative environment and identifying mentors