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Anti-Trafficking Initiative

Anti-Trafficking Initiative at CCOM is chiefly a human rights organization whose primary aim is to educate our community about the realities of human trafficking locally, nationally, and globally. Furthermore, we provide our community with tools to combat human trafficking by coordinating trainings and resources in collaboration with other human rights organizations. Examples of trainings and fundraisers that we have done include: middle school training for children and staff, clinic staff training at the Free Medical Clinic in Iowa City, Grand Rounds discussions with multiple departments at UIHC, and holding a fundraiser for Dorothy’s House in Des Moines.

We welcome all students, staff, and faculty who would like to learn more about human trafficking in general, feel empowered when encountering human trafficking victims and survivors in their practice, or those who would like to participate in our outreach services. For questions or more information on how to get involved, please contact one of our student leaders: