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The Appendix Online Art Journal

The Appendix is an online student-run digital publication and art journal created by medical and PA students to showcase art in its myriad forms. Our mission is to curate art that stems from both ordinary and extraordinary experiences, translating “art of the everyday". We value all art and strive to be inclusive, challenging and thought-provoking. 

We are collaborative and workshop-rooted and we want your contributions! We believe that anyone who creates is an artist and we welcome art and writing of all mediums. While our focus has been art created by medical and PA students at the University of Iowa, all creators are welcome to submit their art at TheAppendix.org or theappendixjournal@gmail.com. We accept any form of art and writing and if you are a creator of any kind (or would like to be) we enthusiastically invite you to send us your work and connect with us. The Appendix has featured photography, essays, poems, paintings, illustrations, music, sculptures and many other forms of art since June 2020. 

To submit your art to The Appendix please follow the link below: