Writing and Humanities Program

The Carver College of Medicine, Writing and Humanities Program focuses on the humanistic and artistic dimensions of medical education and practice by taking a critical, transdisciplinary approach to the humanities and arts in the context of medical school.

The program offers elective courses and arts activities for medical students, working to illuminate the unique roles writing, humanities, and fine and performing arts can play in medical education, patient care and professional development. The program further advances the connections between the humanities and medicine through the Humanities Distinction Track which is designed to encourage, support, and recognize medical students who pursue scholarship in creative writing, literature, philosophy, religion, visual arts, music, and history, as well as social sciences and public policy.  

The Carver College of Medicine, Writing and Humanities Program also provides individual consultations for medical students to review scholarship and residency personal statements, CVs, research papers and abstracts, patient notes, learning issues, presentations, creative writing, extracurricular materials, correspondence, recommendations, and any other form of writing.

In additional to curricular elements, the Writing and Humanities Program produces The Examined Life Journal, a publication of the Carver College of Medicine; The Short Coat Podcast; and hosts the annual Examined Life Conference.

Camille Socarras, MA, Director

David T. Etler, Support Staff

The Short Coat Podcast: Exploring What Med Students are Becoming

The Writing and Humanities Program is proud to support The Short Coat Podcast, a show featuring the students of the Carver College of Medicine. For more, visit The Short Coat Podcast site.

Remember–you can send questions or feedback to theshortcoats@gmail.com!  We love it!

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