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Student Wellness Organization

Founded in 2020, the Student Wellness Organization’s mission is to provide a centralized place for students passionate about student wellness to collaborate on activities and projects meant to improve student wellness at the Carver College of Medicine. 

Our goal is to provide an environment for students to share ideas and different perspectives on what constitutes student wellness, to share concerns about how our school conducts wellness and to support all students in expanding project ideas they have to actionable next steps. Our core belief is that students should have autonomy over how they conduct their own personal wellness and that a collaboration of perspectives is key to recognizing areas that require change. 

The organization will be led by the sitting Student Government Wellness Chair and composed of the 8 Learning Community Wellness Chairs and 6 Clinical Wellness Members (4 rising M3s and M4s and 2 Wellness Rounds members). The organization and its representatives will work closely with the OSAC Wellness Committee to direct and execute wellness initiatives.

Through this organization, we aim to encourage people to engage in their own wellness and normalize the difficulties and mental health trials many face in their path to become physicians and physician assistants.