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Training in Molecular Virology, Viral Pathogenesis and Viral Vectors (Pre-doctoral)


Training in Molecular Virology, Viral Pathogenesis and Viral Vectors is supported by a T32 training grant from NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (T32 AI007533) and has been funded since 1998. The major goal of this training program is to produce outstanding independent virologists who will pursue careers in academic or other virology-related careers. The research focus of this program is understanding fundamental aspects of human virology with an emphasis on emerging virus infections and viral pathogenesis with the use of viral vectors for gene delivery. Laboratory work will be supplemented by opportunities to hone their skills in data presentation and teaching.

2023-2024 Virology Trainees: Lorellin Durnell, Paige RichardsR. Anthony Rojas-Chávez, Noah Schuster

This program fosters the rigorous training of PhD students in the study of virology and promotes interaction among students and faculty interested in virology across the University of Iowa. The goals of this program are:

  • to foster collaborations among scientists and trainees with expertise in complementary disciplines;
  • to encourage trainees to take advantage of the expertise of faculty members in diverse fields;
  • to ensure that trainees are well informed of new advances in technology and their applications to biological questions;
  • to foster interactions among graduate students, PhD postdoctoral fellows, and MD fellows in different laboratories; and
  • to carefully monitor the progress of trainees so that their learning and productivity are maximized.

This training program currently supports four predoctoral students (combined MD/PhD or PhD only).

Our requirements include:

  • Weekly attendance at the noon virology journal club on Fridays
  • ​Register and participate, twice, in our Graduate Virology Course MICR:6268 Biology and Pathogenesis of Viruses
  • Registration for and presentation (poster or oral) at a regional, national, or international meeting
  • Annual meeting with principal investigators
  • Teach in Spring 2022 graduate virology course: MICR:6268 Biology and Pathogenesis of Viruses

The fellowship award provides the following:

  • A yearly minimum stipend of $27,144 and a maximum of $33,000, dependent on whether the appointment is directly on the TG or an institutional funded slot in support of this TG. 
  • ​100% support for tuition and mandatory fees.
  • An institutional allowance of $1,000 that can be used to support travel to meetings at which the trainee is a presenting author on a paper or poster, or to purchase laboratory supplies. 
  • Childcare expense support in the amount of $2,500 for eligible costs.

Faculty from the following departments and programs are currently participating in the training program:

Principal Investigators: Stanley Perlman, MD, PhD, and Wendy Maury, PhD

Applications are requested in March of each year and new trainees are appointed on June 1.

For more information about the grant and how to apply, contact Melissa Shriver or Angie Robertson.