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Mission Statement

Mission Statement of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology

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To promote high-impact education and innovative research in a diverse and inclusive environment by exploring fundamental questions in microbiology and immunology, and to translate discoveries into therapies against infectious diseases, immune disorders, and cancer.


To be a world-class hub for interdisciplinary education and research programs in microbial pathogenesis, infectious diseases, and immunology to improve human health.

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  1. Education: To provide outstanding education in microbiology and immunology to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in health sciences; To train a diverse group of scientists and clinicians to solve societal challenges in microbial infection and immunity by using cutting-edge approaches;
  2. Research: To expand interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaborations that are recognized internationally for their innovative impacts on microbiology and immunology; To benefit the world by disseminating impactful knowledge and translating scientific   discoveries into diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines against human diseases;
  3. Service: To contribute to the mission of the University, the College, and professional organizations; To engage in outreach to enhance community understanding of the importance of microbiology and immunology;
  4. Career: To attract and retain a diverse, talented and dedicated group of faculty and staff to advance their careers through collaborative efforts in education, research, and service.