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3.0T GE SIGNA Premier MRI Scanner


  • 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday
  • Scanner Rate: $675/hr

Specialized Sequences

  • IDEAL (Fat/Water Imaging)
  • 3D ASL
  • SWAN (QSM)
  • Cardiac Expert
  • MERGE (Multi-echo GRE)
  • T1ρ
  • 2D COSY
  • Propeller
  • MAVRIC (Metal Reduction)
  • Silent
  • LAVA (T1 DCE)
  • Single Voxel Spectroscopy
  • EPSI
  • 3D CUBE
  • Multi-band (SMS) echo-planar
  • Parametric Mapping (T2, T2*)
  • 2D/3D SSFP
  • PROMO (Motion Correction)
  • Chemical Shift Imaging
  • CEST


  • 32-Channel Head Coil
  • 8-Channel Body Array
  • Dual Tuned 1H/31P Head Coil
  • 12-Channel Spine Coil
  • 16-Channel Head/Neck Coil
  • 16-Channel Flex Coils (Md, Lg)
  • 19F Body Coil
  • T/R Body Coil
  • T/R Head Coil
  • 3-Channel Should Coil
  • 8-Channel Knee Coil

fMRI Equipment

  • Avotec Slient Scan
  • Stimulus computer
  • FOMRI II Dual-Channel MRI microphone
  • Avotec Silent Vision
  • Software: E-prime, Presentation, & Matlab
  • Response Pads: Lumina Response Pad, Psychology Software Tools (PST) fiber optic manipulandums
  • Avotec Real Eye Tracker
  • MediGlasses corrective lenses
  • BrainWave Hardware and Software

Other Equipment

  • BIOPAC Physiological Monitor: photoplethysmograph (PPG), respiratory, galvanic skin response (GSR), pulse ox, air flow, and expired gas analysis.
  • Metrasens FerroGuard metal detector