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7.0T GE 901 Discovery MRI Small Animal Scanner


  • 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.
  • After-hours and weekend time is available as requested with advance notice, preferably two weeks.
  • FY2024 Internal scanner rate: $120/hour, scheduled in half-hour increments.

Specialized Sequences:

  • Advanced 3D
  • SWAN (QSM)
  • Chemical Shift Imaging
  • HARDI Diffusion Imaging
  • 2D COSY
  • Echo Planar Imaging
  • 3D ASL
  • Single Voxel Spectroscopy
  • T1ρ


  • 2-Channel Mouse Head Coil
  • 4-Channel Rat Brain Coil
  • 8-Channel Mouse Body Coil
  • TR Body Coil

Ancillary Equipment:

  • SAII monitoring and gating
  • Small animal heating/comfort system
  • Isoflurane anesthesia