Upcoming Thesis Defenses

Date, Time, Location Speaker Title Mentor & Program
Thurs 5/9
9:00 AM
2117 MERF
"The Role of ADP-ribosylation during Coronavirus Infection"

Matt Grunewald, M5G
Stanley Perlman, MD, PhD

Past Thesis Defenses

Date, Time, Location Speaker Title Mentor & Program
Thurs 10/18
3:00 PM
2189 MERF
"Brain structure and function in juvenile-onset Huntington's disease"

Alexander (Sasha) Tereshchenko, M5G
Peg Nopoulos, MD
Fri 11/2
2:00 PM
5-669 BSB
"The Role of Neprilysin in Ocular Surface Homeostasis and Corneal Wound Healing"

Rachel Genova, M5G
Andrew Pieper, PhD
Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Tue 11/20
2:30 PM
2189 MERF
"Big Data Analytics and Cancer Biology: Lessons in Taking Science From the Processor to the Patient"

Nicholas Borcherding, M5G
Weizhou Zhang, PhD
Cancer Biology
Fri 12/7
1:00 PM
2117 MERF
"Treating Retinal Disease"

Joseph Giacalone, M5G
Ed Stone, PhD & Budd Tucker, PhD
Fri 12/14
1:00 PM
2117 MERF
"The Role of the Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier in the Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma"

Sean Tompkins, M5G
Eric Taylor, PhD
Mon 12/17
9:00 AM
2117 MERF
"Bacterial Coinfections during Murine Cutaneous Leishmaniasis"

Tiffany Borbon, M5G
Mary Wilson, MD
Mon 12/17
1:00 PM
1-561 BSB
"Utilization of Forward Genetic Approaches to Elucidate Mechanisms of Cancer Initiation and Drug Resistance"

Charlotte Feddersen, M5G
Adam Dupuy, PhD
Anatomy & Cell Biology
Tues 12/18
12:00 PM
"Influence of Preexisting Mental Illness on Breast Cancer Endocrine Therapy Adherence"

Cole Haskins, M5G
Betsy Chrischilles, PhD
Thurs 1/24
1:00 PM
2117 MERF
"Investigating the TAU-FYN interaction in healthy and disease states of the brain"

Max (Guanghao) Liu, M5G
Gloria Lee, PhD