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Upcoming Thesis Defenses

Date, Time, Location Speaker Title Mentor & Program


Past Thesis Defenses (2019-2020)

Date, Time, Location Speaker Title Mentor & Program
Thurs 5/9
9:00 AM
2117 MERF
"The Role of ADP-ribosylation during Coronavirus Infection"

Matt Grunewald, M5G
Stanley Perlman, MD, PhD
Tues 8/20
1:00 PM
2117 MERF
"Neural representations of cognitive control and speech in the subthalamic nucleus"

Ryan Kelley, M5G
Jeremy Greenlee, MD
Wed 10/2
12:00 PM
6-559 BSB
"Investigations of Human Genetics and Mouse Models in the Study of Glaucoma"

Carly van der Heide, M5G
Michael Anderson, PhD & John Fingert, MD, PhD
Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Fri 11/15
11:00 am
B111 ML
"Defining the Impact of Metabolic Disease on Critical Parameters of Mesencymal Stromal Cell Therapy"

Lauren Boland, M5G
James Ankrum, PhD
Biomedical Science
Mon 12/2
8:00 am
2117 MERF
"Role of the Genes, NOS1 and CREB1, in a Mouse Model of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome"

Dylan Todd, M5G
Daniel Bonthius, MD, PhD
Wed 12/4
1:00 pm
2117 MERF
"LJA5: A novel population of pain and itch suppressing brainstem neurons"

Lindsay Agostinelli, M4G
Alex Bassuk, MD, PhD
Fri 12/6
9:00 am
2117 MERF
"The role of macrophages in Ebola virus infection"

Kai Rogers, M5G
Wendy Maury, PhD
Thurs, 12/12
1:00 pm
1117 MERF
"The Structure and Function of Rad5 in Error-Free DNA Damage Bypass"

Melissa Gildenberg, M5G
Todd Washington, PhD
Mon, 1/13
9:00 am
2117 MERF

"Repurposing Disulfiram for Targeting of Hypoxic Cancer Cells Through Redox Cycling of Copper"

Kelly Hubert, M5G

Doug Spitz, PhD
Free Radical & Radiation Biology
Thu 2/20
9:00 am

"Metabolic Regulation of the Cardiac Sodium Channel"

Daniel Matasic, M5G

Barry London, MD, PhD
Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Fri 3/6
11:00 am
5-669 BSB

"Protein O-Mannose Kinase-Mediated Regulation of a-Dystroglycan Function"

Ameya Walimbe, M5G

Kevin Campbell, PhD
Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Mon 3/30
9:00 am

"Structural and Proteomic Insights into the Pathogenesis of Hereditary Uveitis"

Gabriel Velez, M5G

Vinit Mahajan, MD, PhD
Molecular & Cellular Biology