Student Committees (2024-2025)

Wellness Committee

The MSTP Wellness Committee is a student-run committee that builds peer-support within the MSTP. This committee organizes informal gatherings to provide students’ perspective on decision making during key transitions within the program. The Wellness Committee also organizes MSTP buddies, pairing senior trainees with junior trainees. This committee also provides programming for one student-only MSTP Monday event each semester.

Riley Behan-Bush (Chair)
Amelia Hurley-Novatny (Co-Chair)

Jane Buchanan
Michelle Chen
Jessie Knobbe
Guillermo Romano Ibarra
Daniel Sands
Akansha Warrier

MSTP Mondays

The MSTP Mondays Committee is charged with defining programming for the biweekly Monday meeting. One representative is selected from each MSTP entering class to works with the Directors and Administrative Director to identify topics relevant for MSTP training. 

Course Director:
Darren Hoffmann, PhD

Student Course Directors:
Jonah Elliff
Michelle Chen

Women's Group

The MSTP Women’s Group is a student-run group that builds community among female and female-identifying students of the MSTP. Our meetings are held twice monthly and cover a range of topics from needs-driven discussions to introductions to female community leaders, presentations on resources for women on campus, and open conversations about issues relevant to women. Activities serve to raise awareness and build skills that relate to challenges at work and at home.Our mission is to promote the professional and personal development of female and female-identifying students in the Iowa MSTP (Aline Sandook, founder).

Hannah Van Ert (Chair)
Emily Janio (Co-Chair)

Membership is open to anyone of any gender who supports these goals.


Retreat & I 'Heart' Science

The formats and themes are chosen by the student-run Retreat Committee, reflecting their interests and creativity. The MSTP Summer Retreat includes oral presentations that highlight research accomplishments by trainees, a presentation by an accomplished invited keynote speaker who embodies career success, career development sessions, panel discussions with MSTP alumni and PSTP trainees, and social activities. 

I ‘Heart’ Science is a second required annual MSTP retreat that is held close to Valentine’s Day. This student-initiated and organized event highlights student research accomplishments through poster presentations. Importantly, the MSTP Seminar Committee invites one speaker who provides a presentation that weaves his/her career path with their scientific accomplishments.

Ellen Voigt (Chair)

Gage Liddiard
Akshaya Warrier
Madi Wahlen
Jonah Elliff
Jason Hristopoulos

MSTP Medley Committee

Medleys are program-wide social events that were developed in response to MSTP student desire for informal gatherings. MSTP Medleys are organized by students, with topics reflecting their interests and creativity. Recent activities have included Trivia Night, Bowling, Karaoke, and Science Jeopardy.

Chris Hunter (Chair)
Emily Janio (Co-Chair)

Qi Wang
Ryan Reis


Association of Inclusive Medical Scientists (AIMS)

The Association of Inclusive Medical Scientists (AIMS) is a new student-run group with a goal to build community among MSTP students from historically excluded groups in science and medicine. We hope to create a safe and fun space for community building, mentorship, networking, and advocacy. 

Michelle Chen (Co-Chair)
Guillermo Romano-Ibarra (Co-Chair)



Aspiring Surgeon Scientist Group

Vacant (Chair)

Riley Behan-Bush
Jayden Bowen
Joseph Chin
Amelia Hurley-Novatny
Akansha Jain
Emily Janio
Lola Lozano
Hannah Van Ert
Joseph Vecchi
Madi Wahlen
Akshaya Warrier

MSTP Admissions Committee

Ryan Reis
Hassan Karoam (Ahamed)
Emily Janio


APSA Institutional Representatives

Akansha Jain

CCOM Student Government MSTP Representative

Daniel Sands