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Important Documents

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a tool to assist students with career and professional development. The IDP provides a platform for students to identify professional goals, assess competencies relevant to these goals, and develop a plan to achieve specific objectives related to their career goals. The student-developed IDP becomes a platform for discussion with mentors, to foster communication important for the student’s professional development. The process is interactive and reiterative to ensure training success and satisfaction.

M1G and M2G students complete their initial IDP with advising from MSTP Leadership.

During GRAD training, MSTP students update their IDP annually and discuss goals and accomplishments with their Thesis Mentor and/or other mentor.

  • Most PhD Programs also have an annual IDP requirement. MSTP students may continue to use the MSTP IDP form or convert to the PhD Program form for their annual updates.
  • A copy of the updated IDP should be included with the annual MSTP Student Progress Report submitted to the MSTP Office.
  • FileMSTP Thesis Committee Form

  • Clinical Connections Evaluation Survey - on Qualtrics