MSTP Grand Rounds

The MSTP Grand Rounds Series was conceived as a vehicle to showcase not only the MSTP program, but also to highlight the important biomedical research of University of Iowa investigators.  These approximately 50-minute presentations are divided into two integrated sections:  the first is a clinical presentation describing an interesting case and the relevant diagnostic information (laboratory tests, biopsies and imaging studies).  The second section is a scientific presentation of a focused avenue of research directly related to the case; it may be in the area of diagnosis, pathogenesis, or therapeutic intervention.  

Grand Round presentations are made by MSTP students with advising from a faculty committee.

Previous MSTP Grand Rounds


"When Life Knocks You Off Your Feet -- What Helps You Get Back Up?"

Lola Lozano, M3G
Andres Dajles, M5G


"Sugar & Salt:  They'll Mess with your Head"

Amelia Hurley-Novatny, M3G
Guillermo Romano Ibarra, M5G


"Just Another Fever or Something More Misc-terious?"

Jessie Knobbe, M3G
Joseph Vecchi, M5G


"A Long Time Coming: When Science Catches Up with Disease"

Sahaana Arumugam, M3G
Jayden Bowen, M5G


"A curious case of spotted fever, with no spots and no fever?"

Jonah Elliff, M3G
Jane Buchanan, M5G


"A case of confusion:  Teenage angst or something more sinister?"

Ellen Voigt, M3G
Colin Clark, M5G


"I CAN'T Believe it's not Interleukin-6!"

Morgan Swanson, M5G
Melissa Gildenberg, M6G


"What happened in Mexico?  Journey through a Diagnostic Mystery"

Akansha Jain, M3G
Matthew Miller, M5G


"A Constellation of Symptoms Obscured by a Pandemic Fog"

Ryan Horne, M4G
Joseph Chin, M3G


"The Deadly Triad:  Racing to deliver a simple antidote in time"

Sunny Huang, M5G
Kelly Falls Hubert, M6G


"Checkmate:  Identifying factors underlying checkpoint inhibitor efficacy

Daniel Pape, M3G
Lauren Boland, M6G


"Facial Droop:  the race to find the culprit"

Shakoora Sabree, M3G
Kelly Falls Hubert, M5G


"The curse of Dasypodidae: a hunt for a diagnosis"

Keyan Zarei, M5G
Drew Voigt, M3G


"Moving Toward an Answer:  Resolving a Bradykinetic Mystery"

Wade Gutierrez, M3G
Sasha Tereshchenko, M5G


“Staying Balanced: The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it”

Michael Zhang, M6G
Lori Wheeler, M6G 


“Staying Balanced: The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it”

Michael Zhang, M5G
Lori Wheeler, M5G 


“Here, there be Monsters: A Case of Sudden Neurological Distress”

Eric Monson, M5G
Dan Fox, M6G 


“A New Year's Toast: Confusion with a Twist”

Kale Bongers, M6G
Marie Kim, M5G 


“With Friends like These...”

Gwen Clay, M6G
Nurbek Mambetsariev, M5G 


“Interference with Interferon: A Case of Lost Signals”

Tyler Rasmussen, M6G
Katy Proch, M5G 


“A Lick with Bite: Pasteurella multocida meningitis in neonate following incidental exposure to pet dog”

Jones Nauseef, M6G
Madeliene Stump, M5G