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We have state of the art equipment for noninvasive neuromodulation.


  • MRI-compatible research transcranial magnetic stimulation system with MagPro X100 Stimulator, MRI-B91 Air Cooled and Cooled-B65 coil
  • MagVenture MagPro X100 Stimulator with Cooled-B65 Coil and Motor Evoked Potentials Module
  • MagStim Rapid-2 System
  • Nexstim 5.0 Neuronavigation TMS System
  • MagVenture R30 

NeuroNavigation Software

  • Frameless stereotactic equipment to facilitate imaging-guided TMS, including MRI-compatible Localite and Brainsight systems   

Transcranial Electrial Stimulation

  • Neuroelectrics StarStim 20 Transcranial Electrical Stimulation System
  •  Soterix transcranial direct current and alternating current stimulator


  • 64-lead TMS-compatible EEG system from BrainVision
  • Psychophysiology equipment, Biopac
  • FaceX multicamera platform – quantifies facial expression data
  • MWe also have a multi-modal sensory stimulation device developed by collaborators at MIT
  • N, and novel TMS coils that reach deeper or have more focality, developed by David Jiles and collaborators at Iowa State University.