Louis Kolling, PhD

Address: 2-400 BSB
Phone: (319) 335-7769
Email: louis-kolling@uiowa.edu

Mentor: Catherine Marcinkiewcz, PhD

PhD Institution: Florida State University


  • 2020-2022 USDA NIFA Predoctoral Fellowship

  • 2018-2019 AChemS Diversity Travel Fellowship

  • 2018 Bryan W. Robinson Endowment Grant

  • 2017-2020 National Science Foundation GRFP Fellowship

  • 2017, 2020 Department of Defense SMART Scholarship, Semi-Finalist


  1. Kolling LJ, Fadool DA. The Biophysical Properties of External Tufted Cells, and Their Role in Insulin Signaling. In preparation for submission to eLife.

  2. Kolling LJ, Tatti R, Lowry TW, Fadool JM, Fadool DA. Modulating the Excitability of Olfactory Output Neurons Affects Whole-body Metabolism. Submitted to J Neurosci.

  3. Fadool DA, Kolling LJ. 2020. Role of Olfaction for Eating Behavior. In: Fritzsch B. (Ed.) and Meyerhof W. (Volume Editor), The Senses: A Comprehensive Reference, vol. 3. Elsevier, Academic Press, pp. 675–716.

  4. Kolling LJ, Kautz RM, Patterson JA. 2015. A Preliminary Model Using Body Composition and Anthropometry to Predict Peak Power Production in Trained Individuals. Jrnl Biochem Intrntl. 2(1): 37-42.